10 Dresses For Any Occasion Under $50

Dresses are my jam! And if they’re affordable, that’s even better. Dresses are easy, and most times can be dressed up or down. Below are 10 beautiful dresses, all under $50 (including the one I’m… View Post

The Sequin Skirt I Never Knew I Needed

This is the first sequin skirt that I’ve ever owned. I love sequin, but honestly, it isn’t something that I’ve ever gravitated towards like I see others do. It wasn’t until I was gifted this… View Post

I Thought I Lost It

I know you are probably wondering what I thought I lost. Honestly, truthfully, I thought I lost my creativity. You know how life hits you with a ton of bricks, bricks so heavy that you… View Post

Princess and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day

I swear Wednesday was one for the books. Work was AWFUL. Everybody was moody. Everyone demanded to have their deliveries right then and there. They were expecting miracles that just couldn’t happen. My throat started… View Post


You’ll, Fall finally made it’s way to Ohio! And in celebration of Fall, I decided to pull out my new “Boom” sweatshirt from Target’s 20 years of design collection that launched last month. I was… View Post