Tuesday Musings

Happy New Year! I really need 2021 to come in here and act like it has some sense. Go over there, sit, and don’t touch nothing. And I don’t want to have to repeat myself.… View Post

3 Ways I’m Taking Florals Into Fall

Happy Monday! I hope all of you are well and ready for the week ahead. To start this week off I want to give you a few ways to easily transition your florals to Fall.… View Post

Monday Musings

Dealing with loss… If you follow me on Instagram (@personalbravery) you may have seen a post on my stories about the recent passing of someone very dear to me. The loss of Sis Gloria was… View Post

Monday Musings

Can you believe Spring is upon us already? Honestly, I don’t think we even had a real winter here in Ohio. Daylight savings time was yesterday, and I’m feeling that hour we lost big time.… View Post

A Good Steward

I will be the first to say that I am guilty of trying to keep up with the Jones’s. But then, I check my bank account and come back to reality real quick. Lol! Honestly,… View Post