3 Things To Remember For 2020

I have been pondering on what I wanted to share with you guys for the start of 2020. And I’ve decided to keep it really simple. Here are three important things that I want you… View Post

10 Dresses For Any Occasion Under $50

Dresses are my jam! And if they’re affordable, that’s even better. Dresses are easy, and most times can be dressed up or down. Below are 10 beautiful dresses, all under $50 (including the one I’m… View Post

A Good Steward

I will be the first to say that I am guilty of trying to keep up with the Jones’s. But then, I check my bank account and come back to reality real quick. Lol! Honestly,… View Post

The Sequin Skirt I Never Knew I Needed

This is the first sequin skirt that I’ve ever owned. I love sequin, but honestly, it isn’t something that I’ve ever gravitated towards like I see others do. It wasn’t until I was gifted this… View Post

I Thought I Lost It

I know you are probably wondering what I thought I lost. Honestly, truthfully, I thought I lost my creativity. You know how life hits you with a ton of bricks, bricks so heavy that you… View Post