• Tuesday Musings

    Happy New Year! I really need 2021 to come in here and act like it has some sense. Go over there, …

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  • 3 Ways I’m Taking Florals Into Fall

    Happy Monday! I hope all of you are well and ready for the week ahead. To start this week off …

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  • Monday Musings

    Dealing with loss… If you follow me on Instagram (@personalbravery) you may have seen a post on my stories about …

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  • Chicago For A Weekend

    Front: Me and Hubby Back: Iyana and Will Hey ya’ll! It seems like I haven’t written a blog …

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  • It’s ok to say NO

    It wasn’t until I was depleted and had no more to give that I learned the importance of saying NO. Last week I was talking to one of my good friends when she expressed to… View Post


      Yep, its true, I am finally back from a year long hiatus. During this time, I decided to put myself first and do what was best for me. Was it hard? Yes, I’m not… View Post

    Routines Over Resolutions

    I must be honest. This year I struggled with writing a “2017 reflection post” because honestly, I didn’t feel like I achieved much last year. I had to come to grips with the fact that… View Post

    Christmas Happy

    This year, I can’t lie, my Christmas music has been getting played a bit more than last Christmas. My favorite Christmas movie, “Home Alone” has been in heavy rotation. I can’t wait to get home… View Post

    Cozy Sweaters

    Sweater: H&M/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Booties: Nine West/ Bag: H&M Christmas is my favorite time of year. All of the lights, fun times with family, and watching Christmas movies are some of the things that I… View Post