• Tuesday Musings

    Happy New Year! I really need 2021 to come in here and act like it has some sense. Go over there, …

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  • 3 Ways I’m Taking Florals Into Fall

    Happy Monday! I hope all of you are well and ready for the week ahead. To start this week off …

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  • Monday Musings

    Dealing with loss… If you follow me on Instagram (@personalbravery) you may have seen a post on my stories about …

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  • Chicago For A Weekend

    Front: Me and Hubby Back: Iyana and Will Hey ya’ll! It seems like I haven’t written a blog …

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  • 6 small bags you never knew you needed

    Bag: Zara I have shoes galore, bags not so much. So I am currently on mission “add more bags to the wardrobe!” As I mentioned in my 4 items you need for Spring post HERE,… View Post

    My current book list

    Honestly, I have never been a huge reader. I have always admired those who could read book after book, especially those really big thick ones like Harry Potter & Twilight. I’ve never had the attention… View Post

    4 things you need for your Spring wardrobe now

    Happy 2nd day of Spring! Since Spring has sprung, it’s time to assess your wardrobe. I’ve been in declutter mode as of late, getting rid of all of the things that I have held on… View Post

    A letter to my younger self

    Sweater: Eloquii/ Earrings: Express I wrote this letter to my younger self two years ago…. Princess, Girl you are the sh**! Yep, I said it! Don’t be self-conscious about the extra meat around your midsection… View Post

    When my heart is overwhelmed…

    Lately, I’ve had more happy days than sad ones. I can’t say that was the case a couple of years ago. My heart was overwhelmed, hurt and broken. There were so many things that weren’t… View Post