• Tuesday Musings

    Happy New Year! I really need 2021 to come in here and act like it has some sense. Go over there, …

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  • 3 Ways I’m Taking Florals Into Fall

    Happy Monday! I hope all of you are well and ready for the week ahead. To start this week off …

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  • Monday Musings

    Dealing with loss… If you follow me on Instagram (@personalbravery) you may have seen a post on my stories about …

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  • Chicago For A Weekend

    Front: Me and Hubby Back: Iyana and Will Hey ya’ll! It seems like I haven’t written a blog …

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  • 4 Ways I Save Money When Shopping Online

    We all love a good discount, right? I know I’m not the only one who dreads paying full price for (most) things. And since I love saving my coins, I thought I’d share 4 ways… View Post

    Birthday Blues

    Dinner at Primavista with our friends Photo-bombed by the sweetest little lady during our bathroom photo shoot I pretty much had my life planned out by age 18. I knew I wanted to go to… View Post

    4th Of July In DC

    Dress: H&M/ Shoes: Target/ Bag: Zara/ Earrings: H&M I decided to go to DC only two weeks prior to the 4th. I had the holiday off and the following day so I took advantage of… View Post

    No Need To People Please

    My name is Princess Wilcoxson and I am a recovering “people pleaser”. Growing up in church being a people pleaser came naturally for me. I grew up a PK, a preacher’s kid in case you… View Post

    Weight Gain

    My weight has been an up and down thing pretty much all of my life. Some days I’m up (well it seems like I’ve been up more than down) and some days I’m down. And… View Post