About Princess

Hi my name is Princess and I am the editor and chief of this unique blog “Personal Bravery”. I first discovered the world of blogging when I lived in Sydney, Australia in 2010. I never knew that such a world even existed. I was excited and sparked to start my own blog. I knew I loved fashion, thrifting, and helping others look good, but I didn’t know where to begin with this new thing (to me) called blogging. So I sat, researched, jotted down ideas, learned a little about how html works, and a year later “Personal Bravery” was born. After blogging for some time, I took a hiatus and just recently relaunched my site. ┬áHere I showcase my personal looks, talk about self care, inspiration, beauty and all things that interest me most and make me smile! So welcome to “Personal Bravery”! Feel free to comment, subscribe, or just visit anytime! Thank you for your support!