Tuesday Musings

Happy New Year!

I really need 2021 to come in here and act like it has some sense. Go over there, sit, and don’t touch nothing. And I don’t want to have to repeat myself.

Designer Price Increases

I get it.. Louis, Chanel, and the rest of you have to do what you must. Retail is suffering. 2020 really put a lot of brands/designers in a rough place. We were quarantined and most of us weren’t shopping like we usually do. I woke up this morning and hopped on Louis Vuitton to check out their SLG (small leather goods) section and noticed a nice price increase on a product that I’ve been eyeing off and on for a while. It’s not something that I really need, but rather would like to have. But after my online research I don’t think I’ll be buying anytime soon. If you’ve been wanting to buy a designer piece I encourage you to shop pre-loved if you can. I scored my first LV bag on Poshmark for $550 in really good condition. The regular price is now $1730. That is $1180 in my pocket for something else. I’m not a huge expert on designer bags so I recommend you do lots of research before making an investment.

After Christmas Sales

If there is something that you’ve been eyeing for a while now it’s a good chance it might be on sale. I’ve been trying to cool my heels here lately because I can go into a spending frenzy with prices being lower now than ever. If you’re looking to shop, here are a few places having great sales at this very moment.

Tory Burch (additional 30% off clearance)

Dillard’s (up to 50% off permanently reduced items)

Anthropologie (additional 40% off sale)

Eloquii (additional 50% off sale)

2021 Wish List

This year I made my first designer wish list. As much as I love designer goods I have to remind myself that its’ not a “need”. Also, it’s important for me to be mindful of my budget. Being a blogger can make you want ALL the things, ALL the time. In 2021 let’s not go down a bunny trail trying to keep up with The Jones’s. I’m talking directly to myself when I say this.

Dress: Eloquii/ Cape Coat: Eloquii/ Booties: Sam Edelman/ Bag: Staud

“Discipline”, My Word For The Year

With discipline comes consistency. These two things have been a struggle for me since the beginning of time. There are some areas in my life that need serious discipline. Two of those areas are food and money. I’ve never had the best relationship with either one. I love food guys! And sugar is my worst enemy. I love cakes and pies, candy, and ice cream. What can I say? It makes me happy! lol But it isn’t good for me so I have to pull back and make better choices and build better habits. As far as money goes, this year I’m determined to save more and be more financially literate.

That’s all for now….

Thank you for being here!




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