I Thought I Lost It

I know you are probably wondering what I thought I lost. Honestly, truthfully, I thought I lost my creativity. You know how life hits you with a ton of bricks, bricks so heavy that you start not to recognize yourself. It can cause you to lose that fire, that spark that was once there. That happened to me. Life experiences have changed me. So much so that I felt like I couldn’t be the person I once was. I was more creative then. I felt like I had more going for myself then. I was talking to God here recently and I asked him to help me to be a better version of what I once was. I want to do even more, see even more, help people even more. Yesterday, I felt my creativity inching back while preparing for this shoot.

I talked to my good friend Elle and we chatted about one of our favorite teachers/preachers Sarah Jakes Roberts. In one of her most recent messages she talked about how the battles we face aren’t for nothing, they shape us. And sometimes we long for who we once were, before the scars and all. But the trials, the tribulations, they make us stronger, better than what we once were. We have to take a look at what once was, and trust that God will work it all out for our good.

Jacket: WWW x Target/ Dress: WWW x Target/ Bag: WWW x Target/ Booties: Altuzarra/ Necklaces: GigiMey Jewelry

So for that person who has gone through something that may have changed you, and you long for once was, please trust that it’s for your good. Everything happens for a reason. It’s all to make you stronger!

“I am sure that what we are suffering now cannot compare with the glory that will be shown in us.” Romans 8:18




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