4th Of July In DC

Dress: H&M/ Shoes: Target/ Bag: Zara/ Earrings: H&M

I decided to go to DC only two weeks prior to the 4th. I had the holiday off and the following day so I took advantage of the four day weekend to go away for a bit. I think this was the first time I had ever went out of town for the 4th of July. It was certainly my first time in DC as an adult. I had no interest in seeing any monuments or anything to do with Trump and his shenanigans, so we avoided all parades like the plague. I stayed with my friend and fellow blogger Elle. We had a blast! Here are a few things that I had the chance to experience.

Bob & Edith’s Diner (Corn Beef Hash, Eggs , Grits , & Wheat Toast

Bob & Edith’s Diner

My first stop after arriving to DC was Bob & Edith’s Diner. This place reminded me of a slightly fancier Waffle House. I must admit I am not a huge breakfast person. I rather eat lunch or dinner for breakfast any day. I do however love some good hash, a waffle, or golden brown french toast drenched in butter and syrup. So, I decided to order the corn beef hash (fried hard), eggs over hard, grits with cheese, and wheat toast. I’m always a little leary of ordering grits when I go out to eat because most folks don’t cook them right. They are either too clumpy, too cold, or too bland. I decided to give them a chance anyway. Ya’ll, they were perfect! They were hot, smooth, and seasoned just right, and so was the rest of my plate. So much so, that I went back the next morning and ordered the same thing.

Chuck Berry’s Cadillac Eldorado 

Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis

Louis & Lucille Armstrong

Louis & Lucille’s Red Beans & Rice Recipe


The Smithsonian African American Museum

On Friday we visited the AAM. This is one of the newer, more popular museums in DC. We did the “walk up” line which means we couldn’t enter the museum until 1:00 pm. Although the museum is free, you have to get tickets early in the AM the day of  in order to avoid the “walk up” line. If you are able to get tickets (they only have a limited amount) you are able to enter the museum without standing in line. Friday was a hot day and I was cursing myself for not getting up for those tickets. Although the line was quite long, and it was hot as the dickens outside, it was only a 30 minute wait before getting in. The museum has four floors and each floor explores something different within African American history. The only floor that we were able to walk through was the top floor. This floor explored our presence in music, fashion, radio, culinary arts, and more. I had goosebumps the entire time. There were things I knew and many things I didn’t. It was such a memorable experience. It’s something I will never forget. Because there is so much to take in, I recommend that you split your visit up into two to three days. Like I stated before, we were only able to go through one floor, which took almost three hours. The AAM is something that everyone needs to experience no matter your age or race. Some of it wasn’t pretty, but it’s still apart of history.

Sweet Home Cafe (Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese, Yams, Greens, Poppy Seed Pound Cake, & Ginger Cookie)

Sweet Home Cafe

Now, the museum was incredible, but the cafe (inside the museum), not so much. The menu consisted of fried chicken, mac n cheese, greens, yams, poppy seed pound cake, ginger cookies, and more. These are just the dishes that I tried. The fried chicken tasted like lightly seasoned rubber. It needed to be cooked longer, way longer. The greens were cold, like out the fridge, sitting on the counter for an hour, cold. The mac n cheese was dry. It needed more cheese, more moisture. The yams weren’t cooked all the way, although the flavor was good. The ginger cookies needed more ginger and the pound cake tasted store bought. I was sooooo disappointed to say the least, especially since the museum in and of itself was amazing. And to top it off, it was EXPENSIVE. That fried chicken dinner, fountain drink, and ginger-less cookie had the nerve to be $37.00! I won’t be back.

The Bar at Milk & Honey (French Toast)

The Bar at Milk & Honey (Sweet Tea Sangria)

Vivi (Heart Print Style) & Me

Jen (Jen Jean Pierre), Me, Kris (Kris Will Photography), Vivi (Heart Print Style), and Elle (Hey Michsi)

Kris (Kris Will Photography) & Me

Jen (Jen Jean Pierre) & Me

Elle (Hey Michsi) & Me

Jen (Jen Jean Pierre), Me, Kris (Kris Will Photography), Vivi (Heart Print Style), and Elle (Hey Michsi)

Kris (Kris Will Photography), Me, & Vivi (Heart Print Style)

The Bar at Milk & Honey

On Saturday, Elle and I met up with a few other bloggers for brunch. It was a nice atmosphere, black owned, but not that organized. It was a reservation only restaurant that we didn’t make reservations for because we didn’t know this information prior. We walked into a restaurant with about 25 tables, four of which were occupied. And a bar that had seating for eight, with only two seats being used. The hostess tells us, I’m sorry you need reservations. Ya’ll……………..I scanned the restaurant and could’ve laughed in her face. Lady, lady, lady, it is 21 tables available. What do you mean we need reservations? She knew we were looking at her sideways as she scanned her empty reservation list. She proceeds to say, it looks like we have a cancellation. Ya’ll………………… I literally can’t. Then she says we have to wait for our entire party to arrive as if it was popping in there. I just walked to the side and sat down. I didn’t even give it anymore energy *insert hard eye roll*. Once we were seated, we ordered drinks. I ordered the sweet tea sangria, which was OK. For my entree I ordered the french toast and wings. I also ordered the fried green tomatoes for an appetizer. The appetizer came with two small slices of a tomato for $4. Thank God they were good because I was over DC overcharging me for garbage. My french toast was also quite tasty, although it could have been cooked a little longer. The wings, meh I’ve had better. The best part was the company. I really enjoyed meeting some of my favorites in person. We had great conversation and laughed over an OK meal. Afterwards, we had a mini photo shoot (see pics above). It was a great time!

Cane (Ox Tails & Coconut Lime Rice)

Cane (Bread Pudding)

Kiki (Key 2 Style), Me, Elle (Hey Michsi)


My last night in DC was spent at a Trinidadian restaurant called Cane. It was small but the ambiance was very nice. I’m not going to lie, I’m not that open minded to trying new food, especially if it doesn’t smell good or look good. I was nervous, but decided to be open. I ordered the marinated ox tails with coconut lime rice. It was the BOMB! The meat was so tender and the rice was cooked just right. I smashed that food! For dessert, my boo Kiki ordered the bread pudding with raisins and prunes, topped with an ice cream cone. We could have done without the prunes and the ice cream cone. Sometimes I think people take different and run with it. It just isn’t necessary, plain ole bread pudding alamode would have sufficed. It was delicious though, I must say.

In conclusion, my trip was full of great company, lots of laughs, and a much needed change of scenery. I’m excited to go back and explore more of DC in the future.




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  1. July 10, 2019 / 8:18 pm

    It totally slipped my mind to forewarn you guys about the cafe inside of the NMAAHC because, mannnn. It’s super underwhelming for the overly expensive prices. Anywho, glad I was able to join in for brunch at The Bar @ Milk & Honey. It was definitely filled with great convos and lots of laughter. So happy you had fun in DC, especially since it was a last minute trip.

    See ya soon.

    • personalbravery1
      July 25, 2019 / 9:40 pm

      It was soooo good meeting you Vivi! And I had a lot of fun in spite of the nasty cafe food. Can’t wait to come back!