A Day Trip To NY!

On my last travel post I shared with you all the ins and outs of my trip to Philly. I took in the food (literally lol), the culture, the music, and the people. It was amazing! During my weekend trip to Philly, we decided to do a day trip to NY. The Sunday after the Roots picnic we took an Uber to the Mega bus for a two hour ride to New York City. This is something I definitely recommend you do if ever in Philly. It’s cheaper than the train at only $30 per person round trip. And they drop you off right on Fashion Ave in front of FIT.

L to R Hubby (Julian), Me, Elaine, and Nate

Our first stop was Juniors, known for their amazing cheesecakes. I was excited. Sweets are my thing ya’ll. It’s actually something I’m trying to kick, but I wasn’t that day. lol My husband and I were going to try the strawberry cheesecake but because of my nut allergy ended up with the apple crumb instead. Talk about yum! Ya’ll! All I can say is if you haven’t tried it, you are doing yourself a disservice. It was tasty and not too rich. It’s definitely worth stopping in if you ever visit the city.

Junior’s Apple Crumb Cheesecake

After our stop for sweets, we hit up a few stores to do a bit of shopping. We went to Zara, Melissa, a sample sale (with Karl Lagerfeld and more), Urban Outfitters, and Kith. If you aren’t hip to Kith, you should be. Kith is a clothing and shoe brand created by designer Ronnie Fieg. He has done collaborations with Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Bathing Ape, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. His creativity is like none other. He is definitely worth reading up on.


For lunch we hit up downtown Brooklyn’s Dallas BBQ, known for their infamous Hennessy barbecue (yes, its actual Hennessy and BBQ sauce) wings. I decided to go with their  sticky wings and hubby got the henny wings. I initially was going to order the 10 wings, but decided on 5 after being told they were the full wings vs the small party wings. They were huge! I ended up having leftovers for later. You guys…..these were the best wings that I’ve ever had in my life. They were fried just right, and the sticky sauce was phenomenal. Make sure to make this a stop on your list if you visit.

Dallas BBQ’s Sticky Wings

The last stop of the day was a visit to Broadway to see my friend Greg Cooper. He is a Cincinnati native and an amazing creative now doing incredible things in NY! He just finished a 3 month long showing of Kiss Me, Kate as a wig designer. In Cincinnati he was known as one of the best barbers in the city, but he hungered for more and knew that he had to spread his wings. Six years ago he left us for the city that never sleeps and is becoming a “jack of all trades”. I’m so proud! His drive is something to be admired.

Greg and I

Here are a few tips if you plan on taking on this city anytime soon!

  1. This is the most important…….WEAR COMFY SHOES! I cannot stress this enough. The first time I went to NYC, I was completely miserable by the end of the day because of my shoes. You would have thought I learned my lesson, right? Nope. This time, shoes that I thought would be comfy ended up giving me blisters by the time we left. Note to self, break your shoes in before braving the NY streets.
  2. Stay hydrated! Especially if it’s hot. We don’t need ya’ll passing out from dehydration.
  3. Don’t take a million pictures of random things! The last thing we need is for you to look like a tourist. Your’e just asking to get your pockets picked.
  4. Try something new! Rather it be a new food spot, or seeing a Broadway play, do something different.
  5. Bring that money! NY has everything you would want and more. Bring money for shopping, eating, clubbing, doing touristy stuff, or whatever tickles your fancy.




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