Jacket: Thrifted/ Graphic Tee: Urban Outfitters/ Skirt: Wild Fable/ Shoes: Aldo/ Bag: Thrifted

A couple of months back my husband and I decided to downsize from our three bedroom house that we have been renting for two years to a two bedroom apartment. How is this even possible? Yea, that crossed my mind too. It’s possible if you’re prepared to part ways with the junk. You know how you store things away and they become out of site, out of mind? That’s been us for the past 6 years, from place to place you drag things that you don’t even need or forget you even have. I had to say enough is enough, were pitching it. This has been a collective mission for the past couple of weeks. If we haven’t used it over the past year, it’s going to the dumpster.

Why are we moving?

We decided to downsize for a few different reasons, one being to save money and pay down debt. It’s a dream of mine to be debt free. I’m sure its a dream of many of you also. So instead of talking about it, were being about it. Moving to a smaller place means paying a smaller amount for rent as well as utilities. I counted up the numbers and it’s a nice chunk of change that we will be saving. Another reason that we are moving is there will be less to take care of.

I’ll be honest, we have not been good at keeping up with our yard. It’s pretty much trash, seriously! We live in an area of Cincinnati called Westwood. Why is it called Westwood? Because it is literally in the woods. Well, not exactly but there are tons of trees, deer, and wooded areas around these parts. The trees in and of itself will make you scream. Branches, leaves, acorns, little green and brown furry things EVERYWHERE, all the time! You guys……I legit can not deal and neither can my husband! lol So yea, time to go!

The third reason for our move is business related. We have new ventures that we are exploring and very excited about. This new location will allow us to dive even deeper into our future endeavors.

So in conclusion, please excuse the delay in posts and YouTube videos. We should be back up and running at a regular schedule come next week. Side note…..I really hate moving, but I’m excited about this because I see all of the amazing things on the horizon!



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