Routines Over Resolutions

I must be honest.
This year I struggled with writing a “2017 reflection post” because honestly, I
didn’t feel like I achieved much last year. I had to come to grips with the
fact that although I didn’t achieve as many goals as I wanted to, the important
things that I needed to work on, I did. One thing I’ve realized is that I’m not
a fan of the word “resolution” and as I scrolled through my YouTube suggestion
list last week I came upon a video called “Routines over Resolutions”. 

As I
watched this video I started writing out a routine for myself starting at
4:00 am. I don’t know about you, but resolutions can be a bit daunting
especially when you don’t achieve them. And how many of us have made the same
New Years resolution of losing weight (for example) year after year while
not actually losing the extra holiday weight that we have gained? So I said to
myself, this routine vs resolution thing may actually work for me. 

Coat: Asos Curve/Top: Old Navy/Jeans: Old Navy/ Heels: Zara/ Bag: Dillards/ Earrings: H&M

yourself a schedule that you follow just might help you get those things
accomplished that you want to get accomplished and by doing this day after day
it will start to stick to the point it feels strange not to do it. So this year
I suggest that you focus on a routine instead of a bunch of resolutions. I have
yet to really dive into my routine so I can’t really share how it’s working for
me but I can say I don’t feel as much pressure about going this new route as
I’ve felt in years past. 

Routines vs Resolutions….What are your thoughts?



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