Sweatshirts, Scarves, & More

Sweatshirts have always been my thing. As soon as Summer ends I’m looking for my box of sweatshirts and hoodies so I can be prepared for the cooler temps ahead. This season sweatshirts have been all the rage. You can find them everywhere. And with old school brands like Champion re-branding themselves there are so many options out on the market to choose from. You can find some of the cutest designs that won’t break your pockets at retailers like H&M, Asos, and even Tracee Ellis’s new line with JC Penney has a sweatshirt in it. But my favorite place for sweatshirts right now is Zara. I pretty much want every design that they have. They’ve managed to add sparkles, sequins, fur, and everything else to bedazzle what was originally just a plain sweatshirt or hoodie. This “I Am Myself” sweatshirt is one of their more plain and simple options and I love it! It’s the words, not the design that I love so much. It’s just the reminder I need to always be myself and hopefully a reminder to someone else when I rock it. 

Also, let’s get into this scarf. Let me put you on to something…….Zara has thee best selection of scarves! The quality is the bomb and the prints and color choices are just as bomb. When I saw this army fatigue printed one it was in my shopping cart before I could blink twice. I love all things army fatigue, ALL things. So it was a no brainer. Plus once again it was affordable at only 29 bucks! Don’t worry I put the link below. 

Scarf: Zara/ Sweatshirt: Zara/ Earrings: Thrifted/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Booties: Nine West

One last thing…..why didn’t anyone tell me that crochet hairstyles were so bomb?! This is going to be my new thing. I love it! I just throw on a bonnet at night, wake up, shake, and go. My kind of style! I oil my scalp with one of those 99 cent squirt bottles from Sally’s with the long pointy tip (so you can get down in there good) every other day and I’m good to go. I’m all about simple with these styles. And until I cut it all off again (because honestly I feel it coming lol), I need easy breezy hairstyles! 

Until next time, have a great and productive week! 



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