6 Fall Lipsticks Under $5 For Women Of Color

There was a point in time when you hardly couldn’t find any makeup for women of color. The more deeper your skin tone, the harder it was. Thank God that has changed! There are so many makeup companies that now cater to women of color to the point we have choices. We have choices!

Although there are lots of choices, some of them can be rather pricey. Not everyone can afford Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown and Mac, just to name a few. I am all about finding products that are just as good of quality for waaaaay less. So just for you guys I have come up with 6 Fall lipstick shades that won’t break the bank.

1.) Wet n Wild “Mochaliscious” Price: 1-$2

Does anyone  have a hard time finding the right nude lip color? Look no further because I have your perfect brown nude. It’s a little deeper then most nudes, but it is perfect for my chocolate girls. It has a creamy matte finish and is a great everyday color.

2.) Milani “Sangria” Price: 4-$4.50

Everyone loves sangria! In wine form or lipstick form. Lol This color is one of Milani’s best sellers. It’s the perfect cross between wine and a deep rich purple. It also has a creamy matte finish. Perfect for all shades of brown.

3.) Wet n Wild “Urban Nights” Price: 1-$2

This is one of my favorite purple/wine colors. It was a limited edition creamy matte lipstick released in 2014. You should be able to still find this one on drugstore.com or Ebay.  You will love it!

4.) Milani “Best Red” Price: 4-$4.50

This is a true red color with blue undertones, which means your teeth will look extra white! It also has a creamy matte finish and is perfect for all skin tones.

5.) Milani “Naturally Chic” Price: 4-$4.50

This color is another favorite nude. The finish is a little more creamy then the rest. Although it is lighter then mochaliscious, it will still work on deeper skin tones. If it appears a little too light for you, add a dark brown lipliner (NO black, that would be criminal!) to blend the color a bit.

6.) Wet N Wild “Photobomb” Price: 1-$2

This color is a red wine with a hint of brown. It also has a creamy matte finish. This color will also look great on all skin tones. It’s the perfect color for you ladies that don’t care that much for red, as it is much more muted.

All lipsticks can be purchased on either Milani or Wet n Wild’s websites,  at your local Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, or Target.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please let me know here or my other social media channels ( @personalbravery) if you’d like more beauty posts like this!

Happy Shopping!


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