5 Closet Staples At Your Local Thrift Store

Hey Ya’ll! It’s sunny here in Cincinnati. It finally feels like Fall and I’m loving it! It’s officially time to pull out those trenches and other extra layers. This past weekend I pondered on what to wear on Saturday since I knew I would be shooting. You know how you have stuff that you’ve bought, that you have totally forgotten about? Well that was the case with this beautiful salmon colored trench coat. I scored it this past Summer at my local thrift store for only two dollars and it was the perfect statement piece to add to my denim look. While gathering all of my pieces together, it had me thinking about how many other closet staples that I have found while thrifting. So I’ve come up with a list of five items that you can find at your local thrift store without even searching very hard. Items that I usually see on a regular basis.

1.) Denim Jacket

If you don’t know by now, I love my denim jackets. I own about five or six and I’m always up for adding more to my closet. When searching for a good denim jacket always check the women’s outwear aisles as well as the men’s. I have found most of mine in the men’s section of the store. If you love the baggier look, a men’s denim jacket is the way to go!

2.) Trench Coat

The thrift store usually has an abundance of trench coats. And usually in different colors besides your basic camel. If you aren’t afraid of color try one in red or blue or even salmon like I have pictured here. And since there usually are a lot of options they tend to not be that pricey depending on the brand. Also, always remember to find out when the sales are at your local thrift store. We always have half off during the holidays and 25% off on Mondays for customer appreciation day. I always go when there are sales to get the most bang for my buck. I usually end up with several bags of clothes for less than bucks!

3.) Mom Jeans

Mom jeans may not be your cup of tea, but you can find different style jeans in general. The thrift store is where it’s at for denim! When mom jeans came back in style I knew just where to head to get mine. The thrift store is chocked full of mom jeans. And they’re cheap because there are so many. I pay no more than $2 for a pair. So search those racks for your mom jeans (or any style jean) ladies!

4.) White Button Down

Every women (and man) needs a white button down. Whether it be for work or just to wear with jeans and a pair of converse on the weekend. It has and always will be a closet staple.

Trench: Thrifted/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Jeans: Thrifted/ Heels: Nine West/ Bag: Zara/ Hat: H&M/ Earrings: Thrifted

5.) Black Blazer

Believe it or not I own not ONE black blazer. Shocking, I know! A couple of weekends ago I was a part of a huge fashion show here in Cincinnati and as a stylist they had us wear all black. Who had no black? This girl. It’s just a color I rarely pull for so I don’t own it. So while everyone had their black blazers and jackets of sorts, I had my trusty denim jacket! Lol. After that night I asked myself, “Why do you not own a black blazer, the thrift store has a thousand?” So I’m making it my business to grab one during my next thrift store run.

This is five of the many staples that you can find at your local thrift store. And for little to nothing. Don’t ever think that you have to spend a lot to look good. My whole look (minus the shoes) cost me $12.50! So lets hit up those thrift stores ladies (and gentleman)!


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