Tribal Prints & Ruffled Heels

A few weeks back I made a visit to a rather new H&M store in my city to check out all of their goodies. Although H&M is often hit and miss with me, they were having a sale so I knew that I would be bound to find something. Low and behold, I actually found way more than what my pockets could handle that day. Lol! The one thing that I couldn’t put down was this tribal print H&M dress. It was only $10!!! I mean you can’t beat that!

Dress: H&M/ Shoes: Nine West/ Handbag: She+Lo/ Necklace & Earrings: Thrifted/ Watch: Michael Kors

I wish they would have had two because I honestly would have purchased both. It’s perfect for Summer. It’s roomy and very cool which is exactly the kind of pieces that I gravitate to for this muggy and humid weather we have here in Cincinnati. Besides this piece, I purchased several other goodies that will make an appearance here soon! 

What are some of your favorite Summer pieces?



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