Tips For Shopping On A Budget

You walk into a store and see the perfect
article of clothing. You have to get it! You walk a little too fast to the
section it’s located in, just to see that it is above your budget. Ugh! You
really want to get it, but you know you shouldn’t. Decisions….decisions. Don’t
freak out though! Learn to find great deals and shop smart. The cost of that
one article of clothing could buy you multiple fashion pieces.

Here are….

1. Do You Really Need

to yourself “How often am I actually going to wear this?” If you’re only 
planning to wear it to a party and never again (unless it’s prom or you’re getting married),
it’s not worth it. You probably have an outfit in your closet that can be worn already. Even if it’s a cool t-shirt, think about how often you will wear it. Other questions to
ask are, “Does it fit with anything in my closet?” “Do I have something that is similar
to this already?” “When and where am I actually going to wear this?” “Will it go out of
season quickly?” All these are questions (and more) you should ask yourself.

2. Clearance & Sale

all seen these racks. The “unwanted” section; clothes everywhere, not organized,
etc. But! If you walk past this rack, you might be missing out on some amazing deals and pieces. If you have the time (and patience), it’s definitely worth
it. Who knows, you may find something similar to the piece you were dying to have. 

3. Shop Out of Season

may sound strange, but let me explain. Think about this….Sales, Sales, Sales! Who 
doesn’t love a sale? Try
shopping for next year’s winter items at the end of the season. 
Usually the styles and trends don’t drastically
change, so store it away and look fabulous next season with the awesome purchase that you made.

4. Shopping Lists

are very essential when budgeting. Look through your closet and think about what
it is that you need. Do you need new flats because that pair you currently have are worn out?
Are you in need of better looking tops for work? Having lists will prevent you from
impulse shopping. It will help you have a clear mindset of exactly what you’re looking

5. Get Creative

you bought a nice blazer at H&M a while ago and want to buy a new one. Do
you really need to? Begin to let your creative juices flow. Maybe sew on funky new buttons to make it look edgy. Take some old distressed jeans you
haven’t worn in awhile and bleach them to make them have an acid wash look or you could even cut the legs to make them shorts. Try
watching YouTube or look on Pinterest for creative ideas!

6. The Importance of Fabric

Some fabrics
last longer and look better than others. An example of this is tweed or linen. These fabrics tend to look expensive, even though you may have purchased them
for cheap. Tweed blazers or jackets for example, look rich and classy. You can get them anywhere for as low as $30. You just have to look. You could also
invest in a fabric shaver from your local convenience store.
Shave the fuzzy parts of your knit sweaters and make them look brand new again!

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Thrift

many great vintage and cheap options. Think of it as fashion recycling!

8. Think Long Term

you have bills to pay? Monthly rent for that expensive condo? If you have costly
priorities, asking the question “Is this $115 jacket worth it?” will be very
important. I’ll give you a hint, unless that jacket is going to pay that rent
for you, I would suggest waiting until it goes on sale. It will be worth it
then. And who knows, you might even find something much cheaper and nicer. Life
is spontaneous, right?

Happy Shopping!


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