Putting Together A Photoshoot As A Stylist


Where do I begin? It’s a lot of work. It is no walk in the park. You may even have to get your hands and feet dirty, but it’s worth every hour that it takes. Your back may hurt, feet may hurt, but the end result is amazing!

If you have an amazing team, that is……

Let’s chat for a minute and I will give you some details on what actually takes place, what to expect, what you will need as a stylist putting together a photoshoot.

1. Make a plan!

I create a vision board before I do any photoshoot. I brainstorm ideas. I jot down questions. I create my looks one by one. I also create a tentative schedule for the entire day and I make sure that it is sent to my entire team.

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler Model: Ashley Young

2. Communicate your vision!

I always make sure that the models, photographers, assistants, makeup artists, and beauticians are all in the know of my vision. They need to know exactly what is expected of them ahead of time. The photographer needs to be the first person that you contact to go over everything that you are wanting done. They need to know how you want the different sets to be, lighting, location, props, backdrops, positions, and posing. It should all be reviewed and put on paper in detail. If they are a skilled photographer it will be cakes and pies for them to adapt to whatever. Now keep in mind that these things do change often. You may come up with something totally different and creative on the spot, which is totally fine and to be expected. Contact the models concerning wardrobe and what will be expected of them. Do this with everyone that is involved. Just make sure you have a flexible team who are just as creative as you. This will make these transitions and changes go a lot more smoothly.

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Model: Talia Blue

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Model: Talia Blue

3. Be prepared!

Besides the clothing and accessories that the models will be wearing, I have a ready made kit. It has all of the things that I would need at a shoot. From double sided tape to static spray. I try to have any and everything just in case any mishaps happen. I can do a separate post on what exactly is in my kit if requested.

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Model: Abby Garrett

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Model: Ashley Young

4. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Nothing is worst than a hungry model. So to avoid this I always bring snacks. Granola bars, fruit, crackers etc are all good. Also bring water and some sort of sports drink like gatorade. We don’t want anyone falling out over dehydration. When creating your schedule for the day, make sure to fit in a lunch hour depending on how long you plan on shooting. The longest shoot that I have ever done was 11 hours. You heard that right, 11 HOURS! So plan accordingly.

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Model: Talia Blue

5. Get some sleep and be comfy!

I try to make sure that I get to bed an hour or so earlier than I usually do the night before so that I am well rested for the day of the shoot. Like I stated before, photoshoots can be rather lengthy. You will need all of the energy that you can give. Also being comfy is very very important. I’m a fashion blogger so being put together is how I typically am (for the blog) but for a photoshoot I am not most times. You should of course look nice. Don’t go in pajamas! A nice pair of jeans, a graphic t, ball cap, and the most comfortable shoes you own will do.

Photographer: Josh Eskridge/ Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Butler/ Models: (L-R) Abby Garrett & Talia Blue

6. Bring a smile!

Sheesh! Don’t be angry. Your day we be terrible if you are. Everything will seem like it is out of place if your attitude stinks. Try to pick a team that you know will be great to work with. It makes it a more fun experience for everyone involved.

That’s the basics folks! If you have any questions or would like me to do a post of exactly what I pack in my stylist bag, let me know!


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  1. Kurves *
    February 5, 2016 / 7:10 am

    Sounds like hard work but looks Exciting and Glamorous. Enjoy your craft and be good to yourself!