Introducing Fashion & Lifestyle Contributor…..Mercedes

Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. How we face the day; Our attitude. Our 

disposition. Our outlook and our confidence is directly correlated to our own perception of how 

we look. When we look good, we feel good. Our appearance is our brand so a lot of us feel more 

empowered when we can put our best foot forward.

The reality is, we are all inadvertently being judged by how we present ourselves. We are judged 

in the corporate world, by the opposite sex, and more often than not, women are judged by other 

women. Seems like a lot of pressure right? Wrong! It really doesn’t have to be. Set realistic goals 

and expectations for yourself that feel right to you. Get dressed for you in the morning and do it 

in a way that is economically fitting for your situation. 

I personally have had to find inexpensive ways to invest in my appearance that don’t break the 

bank, but keep me feeling good about how I look when I face the world. First, going natural was 

more of an economic decision for me. I was the girl who spent $45 every 1-2 weeks at the salon 

to manage my fierce, relaxed, short hair do. After I had my child, it was no longer feasible. I cut 

it all off into a fade, and soon came to realize, my natural curls were just as fabulous. It also 

allowed me room to play with color and different shapes. Now my only out of pocket expense is 

going to the barber every 2 weeks spending only $10 on a shape up.  Not a bad trade off right? 

Secondly, I am an avid thrifter. Not only is it a cheap way to quench your thirst for retail therapy, 

but it also allows you to find one of a kind pieces that show off your personal style. You will 

often find that old, vintage pieces mimic the modern day styles you find at the mall. 

Also, another trick I’ve found is that the cheap makeup you find at beauty supply stores, such as 

the matte lipsticks, foundations and concealers, are often better quality than you think. I’ve found 

highly pigmented matte lipsticks for under $3 that can rival some of the name brands you see at 

the mall. 

I am by no means here to perpetuate the idea of “keeping up with the Jones’. The only person 

you need to compete with is yourself. Be the best you, you can be, and invest in that person. It’s 

okay to care about how you look. Any money and effort within reason to help you feel confident 

and fabulous is money and effort well spent. Feel good about the person you see in the mirror. 

Love her, respect her, and most importantly, treat her to a nice pair of shoes every now and then. 

It’s only right.


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