10 Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas is around the corner and it will be here before you know it. Picking out gifts to buy

for her can sometimes be a “not so easy” task (especially if she is picky). Don’t fret as I’m here to help guide you guys in choosing a gift that I’m sure she will be smiling about. 

From makeup to shoes to journals, I’ve got you covered. Just make sure you don’t wait to the last minute to start your shopping! 🙂

Guys here are several ideas that you can give to your significant other when asking…..What do you want for Christmas?

Ladies these are also some great gift ideas that you could give a secret Santa at work or family members as there are wallet friendly picks on this list also. 

So get to clicking and buying as I have linked where to buy everything below……

10 Christmas Gifts For Her

1. Zara Wool Coat 

It’s the perfect coat for Winter and it will compliment all shapes and sizes!

2. Pineapple Journal

I love journals! I have about 6 or 7 and I keep buying more. I think I just like to collect them at this point. It’s the perfect gift for under $10 for those who love to jot down their ideas. 

3. Michael Kors Watch

Every girl needs a watch!

4. Jimmy Choo Perfume

What girl doesn’t want to smell good? This new Jimmy Choo perfume smells amazing and would be a great addition to a girl’s perfume collection.

5. Kate Spade Bag

Oh how I love Kate Spade! Were best friends in my head. I love everything she creates…..I mean everything! This bag is the perfect size. It’s not to big and it’s not to small. Its also a great pop of color to add to a boring wardrobe.

6. Occasions and Contacts Book

Perfect for keeping track of places you have to go, things you have to see, and those you want to keep up with.

7. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette

All girls love makeup!

8. Diptyque Candle

This is a pricier candle but it comes in several scents and burns up to 30 hours. I personally would probably use it for decor rather than burning it….just saying.

9. Zara Heels

All girls love shoes! You have to know these things!

10. You & Me Pillow

It’s perfect as an accent pillow for the living room, bedroom, or even office.

Did you see anything you have to have?



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