Brunch So Hard

This shirt should say “Smash So Hard”. All I have is Thanksgiving on the brain. I can’t wait to see my family and friends (more like family). I’m ready to EAT! lol I’m ready to play games, watch TV and just spend time with the people that I love. I am also ready for “BLACK FRIDAY”. I’m excited can’t you tell? I have my Walmart and Target lists ready. I’m getting my team in place and were preparing to hit the streets and be amongst the other shoppers on Thanksgiving night.

Jacket: H&M/ T-Shirt: Target/ Jeans: Thrifted/ Necklace: Thrifted/ Earrings: Thrifted/ Heels: Target/ Handbag: Zara 

Let’s get back to this t-shirt. I love it! I’ve been waiting around for a while to see if it would go on sale and it finally did last week so I snatched it up with the quickness. Recently I’ve been all about graphic t’s. I’ve probably purchased four in the past two weeks.

I paired my new t-shirt with some (super baggy) mom jeans and my new favorite H&M jacket.


Until next time…..


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