Air BNB Condo Toronto, Canada

Photos via Air BNB

Let’s take a minute and meditate on how amazing this condo is…….

Yep take it in……

I was first introduced to “Air BNB” by another blogger who raved about how much she loved them and how that’s how she books her stay every time she travels. Since this blogger has a great reputation, I trust that she would never stay anywhere that was ragged. So I decided to do some research on this company called “Air BNB”.

After reading review after review, I thought I would give them a shot. I booked my first “Air BNB” last year for my husband and I. We decided to take a short trip to Nashville for the weekend but I still didn’t know what to expect. Let’s be honest you can read review after review but until you actually have the experience yourself you can’t give your honest opinion.

Well obviously I loved it because I suggested to my roommates that we give it a try for fashion week. After searching online for a few weeks, I found the perfect location. It was downtown Toronto and close to where we would need to take the street car to get to everywhere we needed to go for the week.

This place was no less than AMAZING! I mean look at it (I know you have already taken it in)!

The condo had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also included a washer and dryer with detergent and dryer sheets at your disposal. The kitchen had dishes, several appliances, pots & pans, as well as seasonings and other things for you to cook with. The entire condo was surrounded by windows so you woke up and went to sleep with views of downtown Toronto as well as the beautiful water. So serene! Everything was amazing, just amazing!

The building also had a workout room on the top floor, a steam room, hot tub, and sauna. That hot tub was my best friend at night after the shows. I didn’t get into it near as much as I wanted/needed too.

Overall I give this place an A++++

I will be staying here every trip back to Toronto!


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