Toronto Fashion Week Day One Fall/Winter 2015

Photographer: Paul Ross “Top of the Runway”

Mikhael Kale started fashion week off with a bang. He gave us color with lots of beading, some fur, and a little leather. You would have never known he was a newer designer because his attention to detail is everything. From the first garment coming down the runway adorned with color, lots of beading, and a green fur hem, to the form fitting body-con dress covered in orange beading with a white leather collar, my mouth was open in amazement! He was one of three designers who made use of the entire room during his show. Instead of just making the models walk down the middle runway, he created extra aisles between the rows so that everyone could get a good view of all of his pieces. I thought this was very smart considering all of the work, time, and love he put into each detail of every garment. I would want everyone to get a close up too. This show gets an “A+” from me. It was definitely one of my favorites from the entire week.

Photographer: Paul Ross “Top of the Runway”

Also on day one “Pink Tarten” had her runway show. She gave us fur, fur, fur and I loved it! What I liked most about her show was the different variety of fur colors she gave us. She gave us navy, brown, hunter green, and white with a black stripe. Her line was so sophisticated and could be worn by women my age and as well as women my mother’s age. I loved how she used props on the runway for her show that resembled snow. It was as if the models were walking through a winter wonderland. Very creative! I very much appreciated her use of minority models also. Its time that we see a variety of girls (and guys) on the runway. This show also gets an “A+” from me.

What are your favorite looks from these two designers? I would love to know!


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