I first began my blog (as some of you may know) in 2011. Before I started blogging I wanted to find the perfect name for my blog. So I thought about it and prayed about it and while reading my bible one day I found a scripture that had the words “Personal Bravery” in it. I thought to myself that’s it! That’s what my blog name will be. When I wrote down the words “Personal” and “Bravery” I asked myself, What does that mean to me? And to make a long story short, I wanted to share my “personal” style with the world and inspire others to find their “personal” style. I wanted to be “brave” enough to wear what I wanted to wear and not care about what others thought. So I started creating posts and I saw myself mimicking what I saw on other blogs and I started getting caught up in the number of followers that I had and it began to get to me. I was trying to do what I saw others doing because after all they had what seemed like a million followers compared to my 25.  So the whole reason I started this blog wasn’t lining up with what I was posting or how I was thinking. It became a copy cat blog. So I’m here to start this journey from scratch with a different mindset, the mindset that I should have truly had in the beginning.  I’m here to do what I love and what I am truly passionate about. I’ll be talking fashion, a little bit of food (if you follow my IG, you know I love cooking), and whatever else I may think is important at that time. I hope you follow, enjoy, comment, if you don’t do neither of these, I’ll still be here.




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