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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Importance Of Color In Fashion

Color is one of the most important factors in fashion. Color is very handy, and if used correctly, it will work wonderfully in your favor. The way we perceive color is important. For example, you’re more likely to look at something that shows pops of color and is vibrant. I mean, you wouldn’t look at a billboard or ad that was only gray and black, right?  I will be explaining how to use color to your own advantage.

You remember the color wheel right? That circle with our favorite colors that you always saw in elementary art class? The color wheel is an advantageous tool in learning how to coordinate color in an outfit. There are different components to the color wheel: Primary, Complementary, and Analogous colors. Primary is usually red, yellow, blue, and sometimes green for some reason. Analogous colors are purple, green, and orange. Complementary colors are opposite colors on the color wheel. They are pairs of color that create the strongest contrast with each other, such as red or pink/green, purple/yellow, and blue/orange.

Primary colors are usually the colors that stand out the most. They create the best pop out color in a black, white, or gray outfit. Primary colors are usually colors that the eyes gravitate towards due to their strong hue. Not to say any other color wouldn’t pop out, but those three tend to be the most popular and strongest.  Complementary colors are great for color blocking outfits. Color blocking is done by taking complementary colors and putting them together.  I know you’ve seen Solange Knowles or Rihanna wearing a color block outfit and looking hot! Give it a try and put together the basic complementary colors. See if you like it!

Now let’s talk about accessories and shoes. Your accessories can be a great way to add color to an outfit. If you’re wearing an all black or white outfit, add some color by wearing a red hair bow or a colorful statement necklace. Or maybe your shoes can be the statement by making them another color that contrasts your outfit. Make it simple. You could also put analogous colors together and be harmonious. You could wear an orange top with purple lipstick. Try to avoid going over the top and mixing too many colors. That leads to a non-harmonious, disorganized look. Though accessories and shoes can add to an outfit, you want to make them as subtle as possible to balance the look. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear an all black outfit with a blue bow, pink shoes, green necklace and red lipstick.

Think of the pop out color of your outfit as an advertisement. Which item are you trying to market? It becomes an eyesore when the eyes can’t gravitate to something specific. Though you might be trying to show the entirety of your outfit, there is always that one component of it that the eyes will gravitate towards, and it’s usually the pop of color. Now go to your closets and start color blocking and pop some color into your outfits!

-Debbie Igunbor

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