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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frameri x Article Event

 Frameri Lenses and Frames
 Me trying on the "Magellan"
 Konrad making a bourbon infused with smoked cedar wood
 Frameri x Article
 The cutest little bull dog
 My dapper husband and photographer
 My brother Aaron speaking with Sam 
Konrad (Founder & CEO), Me, Sam (Head of Optics & Fulfillment), and Kevin (Head of Web)

Last night I attended a Frameri x Article event located in downtown Cincinnati on Vine St. If you’ve never heard of Frameri, let me give you some background history on how this amazing brand began. When Konrad Billetz, (Founder & CEO) was only eleven years old he had an accident that almost caused him to lose his eyesight for good; luckily that was not the case. Although he did not lose his eyesight, he was still forced to wear glasses. Being frustrated with what the eyewear industry had to offer, Frameri was born. Frameri is an eyeglasses/ sunglasses company that has frames and lenses that are interchangeable with one another. The creators of Frameri felt like this one accessory that has been integrated into your wardrobe and personal style is the one thing that can be the hardest to change.
No more changing frames every time your prescription changes or overpaying for glasses. Honestly I think this is one of the most genius ideas since sliced bread. Frames that can be purchased and all you have to do is change out the lenses when you need a new prescription or even when you want a new lens color. Yes, they have lenses that have different outer rim colors. You can buy a cheetah print frame and clear lenses with a turquoise blue edge. So cool, right? Being a glasses wearer, I would love the opportunity to switch up my frames every so many months, but we all know that that can be pretty pricey. Frameri offers a wide variety of frames as well as lenses at a price point of $100. Yep you heard that right, $100 dollars for the frames and $100 for the lenses. That’s a total of $200 dollars for a snazzy, fashionable, and on trend pair of glasses. And the greatest part about it is that you can change up your lenses at any point and time with ease. Needless to say, I plan on purchasing a pair for myself and my husband.

To learn more about Frameri and all of the cool frames and lens options that they have to offer click  HERE.

Thank you to Frameri for the event invite! 


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