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Sunday, July 6, 2014

AT&T "Inspired Mobility"

*This is a sponsored post*

Just recently I have been given the opportunity to team up with AT&T on their new campaign called “Inspired Mobility”.  Shining the light on the subject of social media and the church is the purpose of the campaign in its entirety. I am so excited to be a part of this project with AT&T. I personally feel like social media has relevance in our places of worship. Phones, laptops, tablets, etc are often frowned upon as they can be looked at as a distraction in church. But the way our world is evolving rapidly, the current generation and generations to come now communicate completely through  several social media hosts including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and  Instagram  just to name a few. During these next couple of weeks I will be tweeting using the hash tag #inspiredmobility.  If you have not already, make sure to follow me on Twitter as I discuss this subject. I would love to hear your thoughts on this important topic. Should social media have a place in church? Do you think it is important for our churches to have an up to date web page, Twitter account, Facebook, or maybe even an Instagram page? What are ways that we can introduce social media into our more traditional churches that may not think it is necessary?  

"The Inevitable Church Selfie"

Most of you take the inevitable church selfie or know someone who does. You find yourself snapping a head shot in the car on your way to service, or a full shot in front of or inside of your place of worship showing off your “Sundays Best”. Most of the time (unless you are a fashion blogger) this is the perfect opportunity to show the world your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Church is the place where we first go to commune with God and second communicate with other church goers that you may only be able to see on Sundays. Nine times out of ten your phone is out shooting pictures of family and friends during this time.  Social media and church are working together to show the world your “Sundays Best” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This gives you the perfect opportunity to share your pastor’s message title, or even give a shameless plug of your church’s name and invite your Instagram or Facebook followers to come. Do you take the inevitable church selfie? Do you think this is a good opportunity to introduce your followers to your church?

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Have a great week!


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