Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Who What Wear x Target...Fall Favorites!

This past week I ran a friend to the airport to catch a flight and with time to waste I stopped into Target. Bad idea, very bad idea *smh*. I thought that I would just check out the dollar spot (because it gets me every time) to see what was new that I could add to my already growing dollar spot collection. After checking that out (nothing new there) I thought to myself, wait they have the "Who What Wear" line in here! So I scurried over to see what they had. Let's just say my pockets weren't big enough to take it all home so I walked away *sigh*. What I love most about the new fall line is you can easily mix and match each piece and they are good solid pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe! The stylist in me is always looking for things that work well with other things (for myself and clients) Here are my favorite pieces from the new fall collection and some ways to style them! Also they are available in plus and straight sizes! 

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Sweater Weather" With Fashion To Figure

I never thought in a million years that I would wear a body-con, one of the most popular articles of clothing, especially in the plus size community. Having my body out there....on display....yeah no thanks. Never been my thing. Body-con dresses are usually tight and somewhat revealing, and showing all of my body has never been my thing. I typically go for loose items. Baggy mom jeans, oversized flannel shirts that are most likely stolen from my husband closet, and men's denim jackets that I've scored from the thrift store. I was introduced to Fashion to Figure sometime back during a conference in Atlanta (I think I mentioned it in one of my most recent post). I knew already that a lot of there clothing was meant to show off "your figure". So of course I picked out the most non-clingy piece that I could find. "le sigh"

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